Client: A&E
Title: Stephen King's Bag of Bones: Dark Score Stories
Agency: Campfire

Role: Agency Producer

Description: Stephen King's Bag of Bones was a two-night movie event on A&E, WHICH starred Pierce Brosnan. Dark Score Stories is a unique online marketing initiative aimed at engaging Stephen King fans and general audiences alike. Viewers are introduced to the town of Dark Score Lake, the setting for Bag of Bones, through audio recordings and stunning journalistic-style imagery, captured by renown photographer Joachim Ladefoged. These socially sharable experiences are just the top layer of the experience, fans quickly started to notice the stories had hidden clues and unlocked these puzzles to watch unique footage from the movie itself.


Fast Company
LA Times

IAC: Best Media Website, 2012
Webby: Honoree for Television, 2012

Animated-Gif by Joachim Ladefoged
Animated-Gif by Joachim Ladefoged